4 Reasons To Get Your Teen's Manuscript Printed

Is your teen an aspiring author? Maybe they have been working on a novel since they could a pen and maybe they suddenly got inspired by this year's National Novel Writing Month. Either way, once your teen has a finished manuscript, you should seriously consider helping them get it professionally printed. Affordable book printing companies have made publishing a book possible for almost any author, and there are some serious ways your teen can benefit by being printed. 

Show Them A World Of Possibilities

For an aspiring teenage author, getting their ideas from a notebook to a published novel can seem impossible. Many more manuscripts are rejected each year than are taken on by classic publishers, and your teen may suffer from a lack of confidence, wondering why anyone would want to read their story. 

Getting their book printed can show your teen that there is a chance for them to become a published author. It can create a feeling of accomplishment and inspire them to keep writing for years to come. It can also serve as a stepping stone to the world of traditional publishing, helping your child get noticed by publishing houses. 

Even if your teen does not go on to become a professional writer, having a printed book can increase their confidence in general, inspiring them to pursue their more lofty dreams in other areas. 

Create An Excellent Resume Point 

Writing a full-length novel is an accomplishment in its own right. However, taking the time to edit and format the manuscript for printing shows dedication, attention to detail, and an ability to work with modern technology. This makes it an excellent resume booster and a great point to add on college applications. 

Your teen's book does not have to sell a single copy to be proof of a hard work ethic and dedication to the creative process. However, if your teen does decide to market and sell his or her finished book, that will also showcase their business and advertising capabilities, which can help them land a better job fresh out of school. 

Make A Family Keepsake 

Your son or daughter may keep his or her journals for years to come, but the likelihood that anyone in your family will take the time to go through them is small. If your teen takes the time to create a polished book, it can be sent to grandparents, aunts, and uncles to showcase your child's blossoming ability. It is also easier to keep a printed book on your family bookshelf. 

If your child ever becomes a famous author, you will love having the first print of their childhood novel to see the way their writing has changed over the years. 

Start A Supplemental Income 

Many people self-publish simply to have a finished copy of their book available. However, it is possible for your teen to sell their book for a decent income. Self-publishing authors generally make less than $5000 from their book. While this may not seem like a lot to a professional writer, it can be enough for a teen to purchase a car, start a college fund, or fund a trip to Europe. 

In order to make money from their printed book, your child should contact local bookstores and online sellers, which may purchase printed copies of the book. They should also use social media to create an online following that will buy their book through print on demand services. 

Whether you decide to print a limited run of your teen's book for you and your family or print more copies for your teen to sell, your teen will learn a lot about the publishing process during the experience, which will help them be successful with every future book they write.