4 Rack Card Cut-Out Designs To Help Promote Your Business

Creating an eye-catching rack card is the first step in promoting your business and gaining an extra customer. Rack cards are thick high-quality prints that are displayed in tourist attractions and entryways of businesses. Take your business promotion one step further by adding an interactive feature to your rack card. Cut-out sections on a rack card offers an interactive experience that will expose your business and features to customers a lot easier. Along with basic cut-out coupons, the following four features can add an interactive touch and help create a memorable design used to promote your business.

Business Pocket Guide

A rack card is quick to grab, but the longer size may be harder to keep stored in a purse or wallet. By creating a pocket guide on the back section of the rack card, you can easily provide a small section for people to store and keep. For example, if you own a restaurant, the small guide can feature hours of business and weekly specials. A small image of one of your signature meals can also help enhance the little picture.

Social media and contact information can also be added to the small guides. This includes links to Twitter, Facebook, or YouTube accounts. Add even more details to the guide by placing a QR code on it. A QR code offers a direct link to online resources like full menus or videos promoting your business.


Celebrate the holiday season by featuring a seasonal rack card that has a cut-out ornament shape. A circular ball ornament works well, and the thickness of a rack card offers a nice durability when it is cut out and hung on the tree.

Your business logo and theme can be mixed with a festive ornament design. For example, if you own a golf course, the ornament can feature Santa Claus holding a golf club or delivering a sleigh full of golf balls and clubs. When the ornament is cut out and hung, it offers free advertising for your business every holiday season. Children often love small crafts like this, so cater to them with vibrant colors and animated characters.


Create another fun activity for children by designing a small puzzle on your rack card. Puzzle designs can feature a number of different designs and layouts, including business logos or mascots. For example, if you run a sports camp, you can feature a puzzle with a bunch of sports balls and designs. Instead of traditional jigsaw puzzle piece designs, use triangle shapes that are easier to cut out.

Add extra incentive to a puzzle design by including a coupon built into the puzzle. For example, if you own a restaurant, you can offer a free children's meal with any adult entree. Build this coupon into the puzzle so children can build it and then get rewarded with their free meal. Limit the puzzle to around 15 pieces so it's easy to cut out and place together. Work with a printing company to help you properly design the puzzle and have it printed in high quality.

Paper Crafts

The texture and style of a rack card makes it the perfect material to feature a fun paper craft. Paper crafts are cut and folded to create characters and a number of other designs. For example, if you're planning a holiday design, you can feature a reindeer paper craft on the rack card. Adding your business logo to the animal design can help add a little extra promotion.

Browse through free printable paper crafts to find different themes and designs that apply to your business. For example, if you own a pet store or a zoo, there are dozens of animal paper craft designs you can create.

Work with a printing company, such as M13 Graphics, and test out a template print of your rack card before placing the full order. This can ensure that all the cut-out elements work properly and are effective for your business.