5 Ways To Make Your Business Card Stand Out

In the corporate world, one of the best ways to make yourself memorable. One of the best ways to stand out from the crowd is to have a unique looking business card. Make a positive impression on potential clients by having your business stand out from the crowd and say something important about your brand in the process. Included in this brief article are five ways to make your business card stand out.


One of the best ways to stay in the mind of a potential partner or client is by way of a "mind bug" – something that sticks with this person due to the fact that it is witty, pithy, sly, or informative. Or, better yet, all four! A slogan is a great way to briefly sum up what exactly your brand wishes to accomplish.

QR Code

In this day and age, finding your way to someone's personal website by scanning a QR code is even more convenient that typing in a URL. You can add a QR code to your business card that can be accessed by using a mobile device or tablet. You can make it so that when the QR code is scanned, it automatically opens up a browser window to your business website. In addition to this, a QR code can serve as a promotion or freebie on a product that you wish to boost, which will serve as an even greater incentive for your potential client to check out what you're offering. If you don't have a QR code already, you can easily create a QR code online.

Partners' Logos

Face it, in the world of business, there's always going to be someone who doesn't know what your business is or what it does, no matter how much commerce you produce. Luckily, association can work towards a positive outcome when it comes to your business cards. By printing the logos of your more well-known partners on your business card, potential clients will know who you do business with and this could potentially foster a relationship with you, or at the very least, educate them about your business.

Your Photo

You want people to associate your business with a face. An easy way to ingrain your face on the memory of a potential client or partner is to put your face on your business card. Not only this, but potential clients will better be able to remember what sort of conversation they had with the person whose face graces the business card in their hand. Stand out by planting a seed in the memory of a potential client by way of a photograph.


No, you don't want to give away a newsletter with your business card, nor do you have room to print the contents of a newsletter on your card (not to mention that you would have to update it quite frequently)! Rather, you can print instructions on how to sign up for your business' newsletter on the back of your business card along with a brief note on why it is important for the person holding this card to subscribe to your newsletter. This way, potential clients will have a natural way of keeping in contact with you and understanding your product or brand in a more robust way.

What exactly should you print on your business card? Well, that's up to you, but you should try to include at least one of the previous items in order to make your business card stand out among the rest!  For more tips on creating unique business cards, contact a company like 4 Color Print