4 Mistakes To Watch Out For In Your T-Shirt Design

Whether you are trying to break into the t-shirt business or you need shirts for your local club, you need to start with the designing stage before printing the shirts. Unfortunately, many t-shirt disasters start with poor designing decisions. To avoid being one of those disasters, here are some designing mistakes you should avoid.  

Overusing Fonts

Fonts help to emphasize your message and are important to the overall design of a t-shirt. However, if you have overloaded the shirt's design with multiple fonts, you could be taking away from what you wanted to convey with the shirt. When there are several fonts in a design, it can distract from the message and could instead lead to more focus on what is so wrong with the t-shirt. Ideally, you should only use one or two fonts in your design.  

Relying Solely on Stock Images

Stock images are great for generating ideas about your design, but sometimes they can take away from the t-shirt. The images are available to everyone and, consequently, they are used over and over. No matter how well your t-shirt has been designed, it can come off looking as a copy of others if you use a stock image. To avoid this, you can work with a professional t-shirt or graphics designer to create imagery that fits your message and is unique.  

Cramming Too Much in the Design

Regardless of the amount of space a t-shirt offers, your aim should never be to fill every inch of it. Some of the most effective t-shirts have simple designs and a few words. Whenever you include too much in the design, it can be difficult for others to take it all in. Take the time to assess your t-shirt and scale it back if there appears to be too much on it. If you are not sure, ask for a pro's opinion.  

Failing to Proofread

Once you have finished your design, proofread it. No matter how fantastic your t-shirt design is, if there are typos, they will stand out more than the design. Small mistakes, such as forgetting the quotation marks, will stand out more than you might think. Try to get a fresh pair of eyes on the design and ask a friend to proofread it, too.  

Many other mistakes could occur with your design. To avoid those and get the design you want, consider working with a professional t-shirt designer.