How To Avoid Common Brochure Mistakes

A brochure is a highly effective way to get your message across to your customers. While a lot of businesses are turning to the Internet to get their message across, some customers prefer to have something to hold in their hands and look through. But if you want to achieve the intended results with your brochure, you'll need to avoid common brochure mistakes.

Don't Create a Confusing Layout

When designing a brochure, you'll want to control where the eyes of your potential customer go. If you have an inconsistent layout, your customer might become confused and will be less engaged. Your brochure will also look much less professional, and this will affect whether your customer will be interested in working with your company.

Some customers will see quite a few brochures and will become tired of the ones that look too cluttered and visually unappealing. The more simplistic you can make your brochure, the better the impression you'll make on your customer and the easier it will be to read. 

Make Sure That All of Your Brochures are Different

You will need more than one type of brochure for each situation. Direct mail brochures need to be different from brochures you offer for customer support, for example. You may need several types of brochures for each type of product. It's worth it to spend money on more types of brochures so that each demographic is targeted. Your competitors are also trying to target your customers with near-perfect accuracy, so you must too.

Your Fonts Should Not Be Distracting

The main focus of your brochures should be your content. In each case, there is something you are trying to sell. Fonts should not be unusual, handwritten, or script fonts. Fonts should especially be easy to read in marketing brochures because you'll want nothing to distract from the call to action.

Don't Discuss Your Company

One way that businesses waste valuable space is by talking about their company. Customers are more focused on their own concerns and will usually avoid reading a section about your company unless it is somehow pertinent to them.

Nothing should distract from the goal of your brochure. If your goal is to help a customer understand how to use a product, nothing else should be included that doesn't serve this end. With a great customer support brochure, you'll have fewer instances where customers call customer support, reducing costs as an example. 

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