Five Common Flyer Design Mistakes

Errors on a flyer are costly in more than one way, and unfortunately, they're all too common. Don't make the same mistakes as some other companies. Learn about some of the most common advertising flyer mistakes, and the effects they can have. 

Overcrowded Design

Keep the design simple. A bunch of graphics, thick borders, and other gawdy design elements overcrowd the flyer and make it hard for anyone to read and extract important information. Most people aren't going to invest a lot of time into reading a flyer, so if they can't read it quickly, they're more likely to toss it. Flyers are more effective when they follow a simple design style. 

Spelling Errors

Spelling errors are another common problem found on flyers. If the flyer is to advertise a company and this type of error is made, the effects can be huge. A spelling error on a flyer sends the message that the company is unprofessional, and that they aren't thorough or detail-oriented since most errors are is easy to correct with proofreading. 

Missing Details

Flyers are typically used to spread a specific message, such as a new service, new location, or sale. For this reason, if you omit important details, it basically defeats the purpose of creating the flyer in the first place. Sometimes, business owners will forget to include simple details like their address or the date of the event. It's important that the flyer includes all the important details. 

Wrong Paper Choice

Paper is sometimes an afterthought, but the wrong paper can spell trouble for your flyer. Flyer paper should have a high-gloss finish to stand out. The paper should also have a heavier weight, as the paper will need to be thicker to withstand the effects of being passed from person to person. If you partner with a flyer printing service, the company will help you select the best type of paper for your needs.

Poor Font Selection

You want people to read your flyer, but it's hard to complete this step if they can't read the font. The font on a flyer should be clean and easy to read. Again, if a person can't quickly extract the important information from the flyer, they are far less likely to pay much attention to the flyer. Save fancier font styles for other printed designs. 

You can avoid these mistakes. Partner with a flyer printing service to prepare a professional and effective flyer for your business.