Buying a New Copy Machine for Your Company

The copy machine that you buy for your business may be a device that your employees will need to use multiple times a day. Furthermore, many of the documents that you mail to clients and partners may come from this system. If you need a new copy machine for your company, you can review the following considerations. You can also contact copy machine suppliers to learn more about your options. 

Networking Capabilities

It is often the case that businesses will want their copy machine to be integrated into their company's internal network. This network will allow your business's employees to easily produce copies of digital documents that are stored on your network. In addition to being more convenient, this can help to reduce conflicts over the copy machine as the system will be able to efficiently manage the queue of documents that are needing to be copied.

Whether You Need Color Copies

A color copy machine can be far more expensive than a model that is only designed to produce black and white copies. Due to this higher cost, you will want to carefully consider whether a copy machine that has color capabilities is worth the additional costs that you will have to pay. If your business is only needed to produce a few color copies a month, using a professional printing service for these documents may actually be the more cost-effective option than buying a full-color copier. However, if your firm anticipates needing to regularly make color copies, choosing a color copier can significantly reduce the copying expenses that the business will have to pay.

Document Feeder Attachments

A document feeder attachment will be able to significantly reduce the time and labor involved with producing copies of documents that may be many pages long. This is due to the ability of the document feeder to provide the copier with a single page of the document at a time. Without one of these devices, a worker would have to manually produce a copy of each page in the document. Luckily, a document feeder is a fairly common attachment for commercial quality copy machines. Some of these feeder attachments may only be suitable for use with standard-sized paper, and if you are needing to copy longer pages or those with other uncommon dimensions, it will be necessary to choose an adjustable document feeder that can accommodate a wide range of paper dimensions.