6 Creative Use Cases For Custom Coloring Books

Producing a custom coloring book can seem like an unlikely printing choice. For many businesses and individuals, though, it's a different way to connect with others. Ordering a custom-made coloring book is an especially creative idea in these six cases.

Corporate Branding

Especially with the rise of the adult color book, there are many opportunities to connect with customers using this medium. Companies can build fictional universes to make coloring engaging. If people love your products, you can also do a coloring book that's nothing but practical drawings. Building your brands, products, and even people into your custom-made coloring book is a great way for a corporation to do something besides the usual caps, T-shirts, and mugs.


A custom coloring book is also a great addition to a big party. If you're having a wedding, for example, a custom-made coloring book can tell the story of the couple, show off the venue, and provide some unusual entertainment. They are wonderful for birthday parties, and holidays.

Vacation Destinations

Postcards are nice, but you might want to offer visitors to a tourist region something more. A custom-made coloring book is an appealing option. People who have kids can use them to entertain their children on the trip. Likewise, you can send the color books to friends as a surprise instead of the usual tourist-trap items.

Artist Showcases

Established artists often try to find creative ways to showcase their work. A painter might include a custom coloring book to help visitors get to know their portfolio. It also is an excellent merchandising opportunity that feels more engaging than selling prints or shirts.

Writers also can consider color books. If you want to find a short-form way to tell a story, a coloring book can be creative and fun.


Organizations sell everything from cookies to hats in fundraising efforts. Surprise folks by doing a custom coloring book. It adds something to the repertoire if people are getting tired of the usual stuff, and that can reinvigorate fundraising for established groups.


Raising awareness of causes can be difficult even if you have major resources. A custom-made coloring book, however, can provide an educational introduction to a wide range of topics. A group that's raising money to preserve an endangered species, for example, might make a coloring book to tell people about the animal. Not only does it engage the audience, but the coloring book can explain the situation and the importance of prompt action.