How To Decide If You Need Managed IT Services

Putting the resources of an IT service provider to work at your organization can take a lot of the pain out of dealing with computers and other electronic devices. You might wonder whether hiring a managed IT service provider is a good choice, though. Here are 5 questions you can ask and answer to help with the decision. Who Is Currently Handling the IT Work? You might be able to handle the work yourself or appoint a team member to do it.

6 Printed Items Every Direct Marketing Campaign Should Use

Working with a printer to create items for a direct marketing campaign is a great way to get a message out, sell a product, or promote a cause. You might wonder, though, what you should ask a direct marketing services provider to create and distribute. Look at 6 items everybody should consider. Magnets A good magnet is something people will keep around for a long time. For example, a pizza place might mail magnets to customers in its database to make sure they have the hours, phone number, and website for the business.

Five Common Flyer Design Mistakes

Errors on a flyer are costly in more than one way, and unfortunately, they’re all too common. Don’t make the same mistakes as some other companies. Learn about some of the most common advertising flyer mistakes, and the effects they can have.  Overcrowded Design Keep the design simple. A bunch of graphics, thick borders, and other gawdy design elements overcrowd the flyer and make it hard for anyone to read and extract important information.